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The supreme female healing and preventative oil. The Oil helps to remove ingrown hair scars, lighten dark inner thighs, and will leave your yoni feeling soft, smooth, and supple.
Size 50ml

Passion,Pleasure 😉

Prevents ingrown hair 

Relieves Pain and inflammation 

Soothes itching 

Boosts moisture 

Eliminates Chronic Infections

Daily maintenance

Lightens inner thighs (not a bleach )

Leaves skin healthy and glowing

Balance skin PH level

Reduces the appearance of discoloration

Leaves your yoni feeling soft, smooth, and supple


We always recommend to spot test new products to test for allergies. If irritation occurs please discontinue use.
• Use clean fingers to massage Vulva with a few drops of the yoni oil. Use twice a day, every other day. Use after your morning shower and before bedtime.
*external use only*

Ingredients :Sweet Almond Oil, Clove Essential Oil, Rose Oil, Infused with essential herbs


🌿Cruelty Free
Caution of Yoni Oil

Although, allergies to natural yoni oil are minimal, please test the oils on another part of your body before you venture in to complete use of yoni oil.

Sweet Yoni Oil 50ml

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