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Our Hair Growth Oil is specially formulated to boost hair growth in edges of the hairline with Fenugreek, Neem, Burdock, Ashwaganda and several other herbs that promote and induce hair growth, designed to make hair thicker, fuller and longer.

It is sealed with a hint of peppermint, is lightweight and easily absorbed, soothes and penetrates the scalp softening hair at the roots.

Our Hair Growth Oil will boost hair growth to levels you never experienced before and will also help regenerate your scalp to allow new hair growth to sprout through and give your hair follicles life! Promotes healthy hair growth Relieves itchiness Helps prevent dry scalp Eczema friendly. This oil comes in a generous sized bottle.


Part hair into sections, Apply oil to the scalp then massage for even distribution. WARNINGS Not to be used on small children under the age of 7 as it contains menthol (naturally occuring in peppermint). It may leave a cooling sensation on the skin when used due to its menthol content.

Hair Growth Oil

£12.99 Regular Price
£7.79Sale Price
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