This Course includes:

*12 detox pearls (mini white balls),

*2 x Fertility steam (10 sachets in a satin bag) for 2 months, weekly steams

*Bonus item : 2 Pink taco tightening powders. (grey powder in pink small plastic bag)


Why can I not get pregnant???

There are so many relevant factors within this small sentence. And yet, many case studies on women with “unexplained infertility” point to evidence that the “infertility” is due to residual build-up of years and years of tissue that have not been able to fully exit the body each month during our menstrual cycle. If you can imagine, many of us have been bleeding since our early teens. Each month, our body creates all of this comfy tissue coating around our uterus in preparation to conceive a baby. When the baby doesn’t come, our body must expel the tissue – yet it is nearly impossible for all of it to exit our body each month. So, a build up of tissue residue begins to happen. If you are a woman who experiences cramps during ovulation or during your cycle, those cramps are your muscles contracting to squeeze all of that extra tissue out of your body. When there is an excess of this old tissue residue in the lining of the uterus, a fertilized egg has no secure nesting place to develop inside the uterus wall.

Signs that you have tissue residue can be seen during your menstrual cycle.

Look out for: Brown/black/ purple blood, clotting, cramps, missing cycles and overlong cycles. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, conception has been interfered.


Start by using the detox pearls, taking breaks during ovulation and during your periods. You may also take a break if any severe cramping occurs. Please note that light cramping will occur with the detox pearls.

After all the pearls have been used take a 1 week break then start steaming weekly with the steam blend in the satin sachets.


Pink Taco Cleanse Detox Pearls:

Help provide vaginal tightening and less vaginal dryness, also prevent Bacterial & Yeast infections. Taco Detox pearls are a holistic organic approach to restore feminine health and confidence. They remove blockage , excess tissue, blood clots, tubular blockage, dead vaginal skin. They also remove toxins from tampons, condoms, sperm or some of the food we eat. Detox pearls are used to help improve a variety of conditions including: yeast infections, bacterial infections, infertility, fibroids, heavy/ irregular menstruation, vaginal odor, endometriosis, vaginal dryness.


Directions for Detox Pearls

1) Thoroughly wash your hands and take one Detox pearl.

2)Pull out the string of the pearl, keep a small amount outside of Yoni so it is easy to find after 2/3 day detox is over.

3) Insert the detox pearl inside Yoni approximately 7 cm deep ( as deep as your middle finger can push it) - Only insert One pearl.

4) You must remove the detox pearl no later than 3 days,though some women remove after 2 days after seeing results.

5) One Detox pearl can be used for 2-3 days.

6) Clean Taco with warm water.

7) Insert next detox pearl 24 hours after removing the first one.


Additional information:

Some itching, mild burning and cramping may happen. For the majority these symptoms pass quickly. Let your discharge come out naturally, Some might want to douche to help get rid of the toxins faster, but I recommend letting the toxins come out on their own.

How Can Vaginal Steaming Restore my Fertility?

Vaginal steaming uses the support of medicinal plants to break up tissue residue so that it can be easily flushed out of our body with our next cycle. When we steam the herbs in a pot of water, the volatile oils of the plants are released into the water and carried up through the steam into our uterus where they can do their healing work. The vagina is the most absorbent point of our body. When we bring heat to this sacred space, our blood flow and circulation increases. Our blood can then be empowered to move through stagnant areas and clear out tissue residue within our uterus to create a healthy environment for a baby to grow and be nourished. This blend includes Red Raspberry leaf, motherwort and is sufficient for weekly steams for 3 months. A blend of herbs to help stimulate the womb for pregnancy.

How To Do A Vaginal-Steam Bath?


1.Boil about 1 litre of water in a pot

2.Empty one sachet of dried herbs into the pot.

3.Boil for 10 minutes and steep off of the stove for 5 minutes.

4.Then pour the herbal water into a bowl. Sit over the bowl comfortably on a slatted chair without your underwear. You can also insert your bowl in your toilet bowl and sit over it. Make sure your bowl is not too small or it will fall in.

5.Put a towel or a blanket around your waist and create a tent over the bowl.

6.Steam your vagina and the surrounding areas for about 20 to 30 minutes.

After you have steamed , get up from the pot, finish up by wrapping up in a warm blanket and either laying down and/or remaining calm for another 45-60 minutes. This promotes further relaxation, healing, and self care, continuing what you have justified

Fertility Full Course