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Included in this: A 1 month mentorship package with an initial 45 minute telephone conversation, and 30 minutes weekly follow ups. For longer packages please contact me. Email support is included in this package for free for the one months duration.

A lot of people ask me to mentor them, or for advice. Help with your business, relationship or just life in general. The perfect mentor is one who has walked down the path they talk about. It is safe to say I have walked down many paths.

Why choose me as a Mentor? I am a logical thinker and also a realist. Expect brutal honesty from me at all times. I have already been giving advice on my snapchat for years for free with a 100% success rate.

For those who need help with their business, I’ll provide advice and guidance on the areas or issues that you’re having within your social enterprise, and often constructive criticism to help you progress. I will help develop and manifest existing business ideas, whilst incorporating your ideas into my strategic business plan. I successfully started an online business with next to zero capital, with a 6 figure annual turnover and have maintained it for 3 years now. I have also studied social media marketing and will help you improve your business using the power of social media.

The process:

After purchase send your email and telephone number and I will email you to arrange suitable times.

You would set goals at the initial conversation, then you would be supported to achieve those goals with guidance and then each fortnight you’d be given specific actions and agree to those actions with myself.

You’d go away and work on those actions in order to achieve that goal. The process is very much a step-by-step process in order to make sure that you do achieve your goals rather than you setting goals and then you’re left to get on with it on your own.

I would suggest you budget a 3 month mentorship package. 3 months is an ideal period over which to set goals and prioritise things. People set goals for 90 days or three months and what that means is you could potentially work through four sets of goals and objectives for your organisation, and very quickly move from one particular issue to another, over the course of a year.

Email support is available for free throughout.

Mentorship Package

£200.00 Regular Price
£140.00Sale Price
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