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Staying Safe..Staying Sane!!

Hello everyone!

I have to say, it’s been a hella past few weeks with everything going on. As I write this it’s in the AMs, not quite sure if it’s a Sunday or a Friday... it’s been like that lately!

Just thought I’d share a few tips on staying safe during this period. Tips that I’ve been using myself. As our business is still running, here are a few safety measures that I use myself when receiving packages.

I keep disposable gloves next to the front door. When the post man comes, I sign and receive parcel, Immediately snip the wrapping off with a scissors, Z. Z slide off the contents and crumple and dispose the wrapping. Covid19 stays on plastics for 72hours. Cardboard for up to 24hours. I have a little closet by the door, so if I’m not in a rush to open the package I place it in there for a few days.

After disposing of the wrapping/putting away my package, I immediately wash my hands.

To be honest there’s no sure way of staying 100% safe with this virus. I always feel so silly wearing gloves to the supermarket, touching items on the shelves with those gloves, packing into my car, holding my keys, then coming home to unpack those same items into my cupboard. This has made me so paranoid and now I get home and start washing my car keys, bank cards, and everything i bought before I pack it away. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️. But I guess we have to try all we can.

Some days I feels like walking out and believing that this is all a joke and a conspiracy theory... but there’s nothing a glass or 2 of alcohol can’t fix.

I take the utmost care when preparing my herbs. i have been in isolation for 2 weeks now. My whole household has.

I have a very over imaginative mindset but It’s important to be calm, realistic and not focus on single events or actions once you step outside. You can’t account for everything.

OK some tips on our overall health, I don’t exercise regularly but I’ve found that I’m beginning to enjoy outdoor activities with my 6 yr old son, the walks the work outs on You Tube. We follow Joe Wicks for PE sessions. He is a favourite for both young and old.

Eat lots of fruits/veggies if they are available, mostly Vitamin C. We have been taking supplements too. Multivitamin for the kids, Vitamin D, C, fish oil for myself. Most of my Vitamins are from Ciroc Pineapple if I’m honest. 🙈. For anyone struggling to find what you need in supermarkets in UK, the Asian shops are always fully stocked!

Every night during bath time, we use steam therapy to keep airways open. I usually throw in some herbs as well. It’s called ukufutha in my language and involves putting hot water in a bowl or in the sink, throwing in some herbs and covering your face with a blanket as you inhale. I usually use peppermint leaves with a few drops of tea tree oil, or lavender leaves with a few drops of rosemary oil. All these are available on Amazon.

Ladies feel free to send me your tips on facing this pandemic. I’m available on my Snapchat @givenchy80, or on Instagram @pinktacopalace

Have a blessed day! I’ll try to regularly share more tips here.

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