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My Vagina Detox with the Pink Taco Pearl

As you ladies know, I’ve been in this business for a minute now. Herbs have always interested me. I really dislike doctors and hospitals and always try to find a home remedy. When my kids have a flu I’m grinding rosemary and lavender instead of paracetamol. When I have a yeast infection I’m using tea tree oil and natural yoghurt.

Some may ask why we need to cleanse yet the vagina is self cleaning: Yes the vagina is self cleaning and does this function well when in optimal health. However many women are not in their most optimal heath due to stress, taking care of the world and more, carrying years of emotional and or sexual trauma and being on birth control. If in optimal health many women would not experience having yeast infections, fibroids, infertility, cysts, bacterial vaginosis and more. Detox pearls are meant to give women an all natural herbal option instead of a chemical one.

I’ve been very keen to try the detox yoni pearls. But I wanted to know what was in them and wanted to make them myself. So after research on the herbs needed. I made a few myself. The pearls are to detox and cleanse your vagina of all negative tissue, sperm collected over the years, yeast infections. They work by expelling any contents that are working against the overall health of the womb/vagina

So, Reading and hearing from other women who have used these pearls, you insert 2 pearls at a time, 3 if you can and keep them in the vagina for 3 days. The pearls are quite small so there’s nothing to fear. They are about the size of a 5p coin and have a string like tampon to pull them out after. I inserted 2 to begin with. This was 3 days after I finished my period. Unfortunately I’ve never been good at keeping objects inside me... and it felt weird when I had to shower and still keep them inside me so I removed mine after 30 hours.

I was still amazed that I could see some residue on the pearls when I removed them. And the funny thing is there was absolutely no smell when I pulled them out. Usually after my period I have a smelly discharge for a day or so. The pearls has no smell at all and I could see dead tissue. I wish I had the patience to keep them on for longer. I will try again next week.

These are the herbs I included in my pearIs. I have a very sweet Chinese man in Guangzhou who provides all my herbs. For those who follow me on Snapchat he is the tea man I used to spend hours with in his shop learning about tea and plants. Don’t worry, China may have a lot of fake stuff but their herbs are the best.

Cnidium: increases sexual libido, clears up skin, increases fertility and good for treating bacterial infections.

Stemona: kills parasites, aids in bloodflow

Fructus Kochiae: promotes urination, relieves itchiness

Motherwort & Angelica: regulates menstruation as well as removes toxins.

Rhizoma: removes toxins and can relieve hot flashes.

Borneol: reduces pain and can also reduce hot flashes.

Ligusticum Wallichii: helps to widen the blood vessels in the abdominal region, that increases blood flow and also helps in relaxation of abdominal muscle cells resulting in easing the period pains. Helpful with blood stagnation, useful for those with irregular cycles.

The detox may only have lasted 30 hour, but I do feel I know my body better.

So next time I will leave my pearls inside for 3 days, and the cleansing process should continue on its own for a further 3-4 days after removing the pearls.

The pros of pearl detoxing: you become more in touch with your feminity, more in control knowing that you have removed all negative discharge from past partners etc,

The Cons: just like with every product out there in every shelf. This may not be for every woman. Some May experience itchiness, feel uncomfortable or develop yeast infections. So it’s always best to do you’re own research too before using this. I advice using coconut oil to insert the pearl if you feel uncomfortable inserting it.

This is not for pregnant women, virgins and The pearls will be available women with IUDs or breastfeeding women.

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